Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Minions - My First Podcast With Reel World Theology!

Yay! My first podcast up on the internet! I've increasingly become interested in doing podcasts and finally got to do one on the team of Reel World Theology.

This one was all about the Minions film, part of the Despicable Me franchise. I really liked Despicable Me and the sequel, but Minions was a disaster from the word "go."

This begs us to ask ourselves to have more discernment with family movies. Film and TV these days are often seen as babysitters to distract children for 30-90 minutes. We discuss the need to be more intentional about what children watch. Not just for content, but for quality too.

Click the link below to listen in! I am a little embarrassed by my amount of "ums," "likes," and losing my train of thought, but I was kind of nervous. Next time I'll be ready and armed with cue cards and notes haha.

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