Friday, September 11, 2015

Art & Indie Corner - Another Earth

In the summer of 2011, I was destitute in more ways than one and making peanuts working at a local art house theater. That was the summer Another Earth was released. Though film has always been my life, I was never really into "indie" films. I found them typically pretentious, heavy-handed, boring, and generally trying too hard. My tastes have widened over the years and I now have quite a list of art house/indie films that I adore, especially in the period piece department.

I realized that just because a film is small budget, it does not mean it has to be yet another drama about a quirky, dysfunctional family intended as Oscar bait. "Indie" is not limited to just one kind of story, the possibilities are endless and now more and more filmmakers are starting to realize this.

Another Earth showed me that with very little you can make a film that challenges the imagination, while still delving deeply, subtly into human issues. To start off the Art House series on Reel World Theology​, I knew that this was THE movie I had to write about first. Not because it's the greatest movie ever made, but because it was the movie that showed me I could do my own imaginative films without being under the thumb of the Hollywood corporate monster. Another Earth truly is all about possibility.

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