Monday, July 4, 2016

Times are a Changing: An Update

Hey all,

It's been a while since since the last post, and for that I apologize. I am shifting gears here and want to run an idea by everyone as I go through this change.

Most of the readers know that I, Alexis, write screenplays and tell stories in just about any way possible. I submitted a TV pilot script to Amazon Studios in early May, and currently I am rewriting my novel to be published by the end of this year (more details to come).

With all the writing I do outside of this blog, I'm discovering that I can't hold up writing posts at the rate I used to. Not only for this blog, but for the site Reel World Theology where I also contribute. I still want to contribute to both, because I still am passionate and have things to say about film and television, but I think writing consistently is on its way out for me. I will have some guest contributors here, but it's time for something new on Reel Cathedral.

I am thinking of having a small weekly or biweekly podcast posted on this page called Reel Cathedral Bytes. Right now I am trying to find a free podcasting editor that I can learn quickly so I can record the sessions and edit myself. I will discuss Film/TV topics in 10-15 minutes and I will also have guests with me at times. I will continue to contribute to Reel World Theology as well, but more podcasting than writing if I can help it. This way, I can still do my thing here without it draining all my writing energy from my other projects, which are the main goal and priority of my life.

This is something I will probably launch in the fall. What do you guys think about byte-sized discussions?

I also wanted to share the two recent posts I did for Reel World Theology. Click the links below to check them out!

Thank you all and I'll be in touch! Please don't forgot to follow Reel Cathedral via social media by clicking the links in the sidebar, also my personal twitter is @phoenicianrises.

Love from,

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