Monday, May 9, 2016

FLASH REVIEW: Captain America: Civil War

It's time to implement something new here on Reel Cathedral

For the past year I've been posting on the Facebook page some short reviews or responses to current films when I'd like to comment, but perhaps not write a full analysis.

I am going to shift and start posting these Flash Reviews on the website directly. I'm happy to say this first one is for Captain America: Civil War, and even happier to say that it's from a new guest writer Tyler Logwood. Tyler also lives in Arizona and is probably the biggest Marvel fan I know. Here's what he had to say about the film...

Marvel continues to fire on all cylinders serving up yet another solid superhero mashup of epic proportions and solid performances from the characters we've grown to love. 

This film feels like what the Avengers 2 should have been. Yes, there are many heroes in the film, and sometimes the film feels like it's getting close to an ensemble picture (Avengers 2.5), but it does a well enough job at reminding the viewers that this is indeed a Captain America story. 

As Captain America: The Winter Soldier changed the MCU, Civil War will also change the world these heroes occupy. Coming into it, I was very concerned as to how much the film would borrow from the Civil War comic. I'm glad that the film is actually its own unique story and only taking some story beats from the comic. Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther both have scene-stealing appearances, and they will each have solo films, which I can't wait to see given their performances in Civil War.

There are many moments of pure geek awesomeness to be had. Some scenes are ripped right off the comic pages, but at the core of all the epic and exciting set pieces, Civil War is a film about friendship and what are you willing to do for that friendship. Downey and Evans fall back into their respective roles and bring all the emotion necessary to provide a compelling story between our heroes. 

In my book, Captain America: Civil War is the third best Marvel film behind Winter Soldier and the Avengers. Fans can rest easy now, knowing that Marvel continues to not disappoint and we have plenty more amazing stories on the way. Can't wait to see where our heroes will end up next!

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